Metroweigh offers PC based software systems for use within the food manufacturing and logistics industries. All systems feature an instinctive user interface, which results in optimal operator acceptance and minimal training.

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Weigh Price Labelling System (WPLS)

Our advanced Weigh Price Labelling System is designed for automatic weighing and labelling of pre-packed goods.  It provides flexibility and reliability for increased production line efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Low volume labelling of individual packs
  • Easy label editing and quick label changeover
  • Prints automatically on stability for accurate weights
  • Labelling of fixed/variable weight/price
  • Orders management
  • Labelling of totals
  • Generic traceability on label
  • Adapted to comply with EU Regulation 1169/2011 referring to food information
  • Barcodes printed
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Average Weight System for Packaged Goods (AWS)

Designed to enable a packer total compliance with the EU’s E-Weighing legislation, with immediate results and operator prompts for mean or standard deviation values outside limits.   Output to a printer and/or wirelessly to a PC with sample and running batch data.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces levels of overpack and over-filling
  • Functions away from the packing line ensuring no line stops
  • Provide instant proof of compliance to retailers
  • Operator friendly system
  • Real time data collection
  • Quick ROI
  • In-house fabrication

Product Selection:

  • Products and associated data are stored in memory.
  • Operators can select products by ID number or by picking from a list on screen.
  • Batch number and line number information can also be input by the operator to aid traceability.


  • The system is configurable to specify the number of items per sample and will prompt the operator accordingly.
  • As each item is weighed it is automatically detected and recorded in the memory, prompting the operator for the next item.
  • At the end of each sample the mean and standard deviation are calculated and the operator prompted if they exceed pre-defined limits.

Data Output:

  • Sample and batch data can be output to a printer and / or PC.
  • Sample data can include individual item weights and give sample summary results and running batch figures.
  • Alternatively, data can be stored in memory for mass download at the end of a production period.

Product Editing:

  • The list of products in the memory can be edited either through the scale or on a host PC in a text file and downloaded.


  • As the indicator is a totally programmable terminal and the standard system can be customised to suit the actual production operation and any additional requirements.
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Parts Counting System (PCS)

When order picking, validating inventory, packaging or verifying production quantities, every part is important.  From the smallest parts to bulk quantities, Metroweigh’s counting solutions guarantee that only the correct number of parts are delivered to customers.  Attachable scanners, colour indicators and printouts make parts-counting fast, traceable, and accurate.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Improves productivity
  • Eliminates giveaway
  • Reduces waste
  • Operator friendly system
  • Real-time data collection
  • Quick ROI
  • In-house fabrication
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Stock Control Systems (SCS)

Our Stock Control Systems provide traceability of stock movements, products and giveaway.

Key Benefits

  • Static or mobile weighing stations running stock control software
  • Printed information labels including barcodes, customer and material details, trace codes, date/time, gross, net and tare weights
  • Scanners record movements of materials
  • Recorded data can be downloaded wirelessly via a PDA or hard wired.
  • All databases easily updated using excel

Key Benefits Food Industry

  • Wash down mobile weighing stations (up to IP69) running data control software
  • Printed information tags can be attached to trays
  • Tag information can include Allergens, trace code, net and tare weight, product code, use by date/time, outstanding weight required
  • Recorded data can be downloaded wirelessly via a PDA or hard wired
  • All databases easily updated using excel
  • New products easily added to database using excel and uploading to indicators
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Portion Control Weighing System (PCWS)

Our Portion Control System is designed to help your business adhere to due diligence rules whilst also observing and operating within accordance of average weight legislation.

The system is able to record and monitor all weights for operators packing to a target or average weight.

Using bench scales linked to a PC, our Portion Control System makes automatic adjustments if average or fixed weights become too high or low. The system provides detailed reports by operator, line or by production floor with each terminal having up to 32 linked bench scales.

Quality assurance checks can be prompted at timed intervals and defined by you, the user. QA questions are prompted at timed intervals or at product changeover requiring the shift manager to complete HACCP and other quality control checks, required by law.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Improves productivity
  • Eliminates giveaway
  • Reduces waste
  • Automatic set up of scales
  • Operator friendly system
  • Real-time data collection
  • Quick ROI
  • In-house fabrication
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Recipe Formulation System (RFS)

Our Recipe Formulation System provides intuitive monitoring and management of recipe processes and guaranteed traceable product quality. It Increases speed and precision of the ingredient mixing and reduces waste. It has an operator friendly workstation with real-time hazard warnings.


  • One place to maintain all recipes
  • User defined tolerances provides product consistency and helps reduce wastage.
  • Flexible ingredient types
  • Multiple password levels allow access to authorised personnel only


  • Options for weighing methodology
  • Proportional weighing
  • Batch Weighing
  • Label design with barcode capability

Recipe Weighing

  • User friendly
  • Simple operator prompting
  • Operator has to weigh within preset tolerances
  • Automatic scaling options


  • Reports are available as standard
  • Recipe Formulation Software
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